This Is Everything You Need To Know Before Trying The ICE NYC High-Intensity Interval Training Class

HAIL is the ICE NYC signature high-intensity-interval-training class. It is a fast-paced class that stresses efficiency and inspires athletes to work their hardest for a full sixty minutes. This class truly embodies the ICE NYC movement philosophy by readjusting our physical presence. We run faster, move quicker, lift stronger, and live more balanced.

Many studies have shown that working out your hardest is key when it comes to boosting endurance, increasing metabolism, regulating insulin levels, and losing body fat. Because HIIT is known for its intensity, and therefore its ability to burn fat fast, HIIT has gained popularity quickly.

Additionally, HIIT routines that combine cardio (rowing, burpees, box jumps) with weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands) enhance the body's repair cycle, so that you'll burn fat and calories in the 24 hours after the workout as well. Part of this repair cycle enhancement extends your heart's abilities so that endurance is only the beginning and getting shredded is a given.

Ready to channel your inner bad-ass? 6 ICE NYC HAIL coaches share the ONE piece of advice they have for anyone who has never taken our HIIT class before.

1. Have Fun!!

“Have fun!! The movements in our HAIL classes are programmed to be scalable for all fitness levels, so there's no need to worry if you're new! Just do your best and make sure you enjoy yourself. The coaches are all there to help YOU get the most out of class and help you smile along the way”. -Margie Welch, HAIL Coach

2. Focus on Form

“Stay present and remember form over everything. Your coach will be there to help correct your form so that you are never doing a movement that is unsafe”.-Gigi Rippolone, HAIL, Cycle & Row Coach

3. Progress Over Perfection

“It's all about progress! Push yourself hard, but don't beat yourself if you’re not able to do everything 100%. Enjoy the journey. If you commit yourself, you WILL see the progress you want. I might also add that the HAIL class will kick your ass and jumpstart your metabolism for a long period of time”.-Logan Ricket, HAIL, Row & Cycle Coach

4. Be Willing To Try New Things

“Come in, tell your coach where you're at (in your physical/mental journey with fitness) and then allow yourself to be surprised. Things are always going to look intimidating...but the coach isn't there just to harass you; we're there to guide you and remind you that we want you to work from where YOU are at- not where we want you to be. This class is for you; no matter where you come from or what you know. Anything and everything can be modified. The hardest part of the whole thing is showing up with willingness to try new things”.-Kelsey Crismon, HAIL & Cycle Coach

5. Remember: You Are Not Alone

“No matter how difficult or challenging the workout may seem, you're never alone. Your coaches will always be there to guide and motivate you with smart and encouraging directions,  and your classmates will always be there to support you”.-Yusuf Jeffers, HAIL & Cycle Coach

6. Come Ready To Work Hard

“The first piece of advice I would give someone who has never taken a HAIL class at ICE NYC would be to understand, by the name of the class, what you are getting yourself into. Our HAIL class is a HIIT class, which stands for High-Intensity-Interval-Training. I recommend thinking about what energy systems are normally used in a "high impact" class. We can absolutely modify any exercise for any fitness level but you can expect to be challenged cardiovascularly. Come ready to work hard and sweat!”.- Robert Ramsey, HAIL & Cycle Coach