Arctic Row: Everything You Need To Know About The ICE NYC HIIT Rowing Class

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It’s funny, walk into any standard gym and you’ll see a line of treadmills and elliptical, all occupied, while the rowing machines remain almost completely empty. Which is ridiculous (!) because rowing is an incredibly workout! (Seriously, it burns more than 8 calories per minute). Problem is, the machine looks hard to use and getting on any cardiovascular machine for an extended period of time can be daunting. Which is why at ICE NYC we offer a rowing class (called Arctic Row) that combines intervals on the rowing machine and dynamic sculpting exercises with rowing instruction for 60 minutes that perfectly balance cardio and strength training.

We asked ICE NYC Rowing, HAIL, and Cycle instructor Kelsey Crismon all our Article Row questions. Check out her answers below to learn why this heart-pumping, sweat-drenching, total-body burn is as invigorating and fun as it is effective.

What advice do you have for people who have never taken a rowing class before?

Be open minded.

The rower can be tricky at first, but just like any new fitness move or class,  you don't need to be an expert. Just come in and focus on form. I promise that you won't leave this class without having learned how to row correctly and the many benefits of working on an erg. Once you understand the rower, you will realize that rowing is a full body exercise: it requires and builds strength of the lower body, the core and arms.

Additionally, it's a great option for those who are just getting back from or are currently working through any type of injury that would keep them from running, jumping, biking and so on. It's also great for building cardiovascular endurance, which is why I highly recommend it to those that are looking for a low-impact workout with all the benefits of high intensity training.

What should people expect from an ICE NYC Rowing classes?

People should expect to work their way through a few HIIT-style circuits that not only teach the basic form of rowing, but also help build muscular strength and increase endurance.

Some athletes are surprised when they come in and begin a rowing class by doing push-ups, squats and jump rope, however, to understand the true form on the rower, you need to be aware of your body, which body-weight exercises help do. While the other rowing coaches and I won’t have you on the rower the entire time, everything we do will help you get stronger for the rower. Fortunately for you, you won't leave feeling bored, incomplete and/or tired of rowing...maybe just tired :)!

For those who have taken our HAIL/HIIT classes, how does the Rowing class differ? How is it the same?

I structure my HAIL classes very similar to how I structure my rowing classes. They both are high Intensity and I have the athletes work through a series of movements, which are created to keep the heart rate up, as well as improve strength/form and overall fitness.

However, the main difference between the two classes is that my Row class each mini workout (or circuit) is highlighting the rower. The rowing machine is the star of the workout, so to speak.  HAIL is less about highlighting a specific piece of equipment, rather, you will see more of a mixture in cardio/strength/power exercises.

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