Interview with Regional CrossFit Athlete Liz Adams After The CrossFit Games East Regional

First off, how the heck are you feeling now that Regionals is over?

I feel really good. It's been really nice to turn down the intensity and take some time off to chill. This was my third year competing as an  individual and I walked away on Sunday the best I've ever been mentally; it was really cool to be able to see that growth. I still have gaps that I need to keep working on but I'm really excited to get back to work.

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Did you have a favorite Regionals workout? Which one?

I loved event 6.

For time:

30 / 25 cal. bike

20 burpee box jump-overs

10 sandbag cleans

Men use a 30-in. box and a 150-lb. bag

Women use a 24-in. box and a 100-lb. bag

Time cap: 6 minutes

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Did you have a favorite Regionals moment off “the workout stage”? (Is there a better name for it…?)

Seeing how many people came out to support me was the best part of my weekend. It was incredibly humbling.

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Mentally, how is Regionals different than your training leading up The Open and Regionals?

Regionals is different because it's the one main CrossFit competition all year . It's everything it's where you get a shot at making The Games. I love it . I'm very grateful to be able to compete it's very cool . So going into it it's a very big deal but obviously have to be composed mentally. Leading up to regionals I get super focused and dialed in. So after it's over that's why it's nice to unwind .

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How did you mentally prepare for Regionals?

I've gotten really into this meditation app called Head Space. There are different packages but I'm a big fan of the sports series. I honestly think the biggest change in my training has been the mental side to it and I credit a lot of that to Head Space. 

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How did you celebrate? What did the first week, the first two weeks post-Regionals look for you?

On Sunday night a group of us went back to my parents house and got pizza and ice cream from our favorite local spots in Rye, New York. We drank too much beer and chilled, it was nice. 

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Now what!? Are you back to training for next year?

I'm not fully "back " to training . My coach has limited to me to just one session a day this past week ( I may not have listened a couple of times ) . Next week we'll start planning my training for 2018. It's going to be a fun year .

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Anything else you’d like to share?

Ummm so there's this quote that I really really like and I guess that's something I'd want to share

“If we are intentional about what we repeatedly do, we can practice who we want to become. And through practice, we can become who we want to be.” - Eric Greitens

Author Bio: Liz Adams is a regional CrossFit Athlete and CrossFit coach at ICE NYC. In her free time she can be seen lifting in Tims, listening to 90's gangster rap, and hanging out with her brother, Jay.
IG: @lizadams21