I Only Ever Want To Work out In These Reebok Leggings From Now On

Fun little fact: I may have been an athlete for-, well,-ever, but I didn’t buy my first pair of leggings until age 22… 3 months ago. Through my marathon training, rugby career, and olympic lifting days you’d be hard-pressed to catch me in anything other than soccer (or scrum) shorts. And truthfully, I would have been just fine rocking my fading athletic shorts for the rest of eternity… had I not started CrossFit. Suddenly I was demanding A LOT of my workout gear: I needed bottoms that wouldn’t wiggle around on the rowing machine, sag after a running WOD, fall down when I did burpees, suffocate my legs on a lifting day, or bare my crack during deadlifts. After my first week CrossFitting I knew I needed some new gear… and ASAP.

So I did what any CrossFit nube would do… I stalked all of the Regional CrossFit athletes Instagrams to get a sense of what they choose to wear. It became clear: Reebok leggings were what these athletes  clad their legs in for even their bounciest, hardest, most sweaty workouts. I hit up the Reebok store at Union Square NYC and purchased some of the pairs I had seen on athletes such as Liz Adams, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, and Kari Pearce.

Though I hadn’t worn leggings before these purchases, I had a strong preference for style and fit, because let’s be honest, no one needs workout gear or pants that make it hard to breathe, leave unappealing indents, irritate your skin in all the, ahem, wrong places, or contribute to the dreaded… butt chafing. If these leggings didn’t hold up to my high demands, I’d have no problem returning them post sweat-sess. (Though, TBH I’m bad at confrontation, so I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that).

It’s been three months since my splurge, and now I refuse to work out in anything but Reebok leggings, which not only look bad-ass but stay put, fit my legs, and wick away sweat. Yep, it's true, Reebok leggings have turned me from  a soccer-shorts and baggy-sweatpants rockin’ sweat-er into a person who takes leg day selfies and appreciates a good booty pump. Check out my 3 favorite pairs below:

1. Reebok CrossFit Cordura® Compression Leggings, $75.00

With their low-rise flat-bonded waistband, these babes offer some serious comfort at the waist while never threatening to fall down, bunch, or ride up. After three months of 2-3 weekly wear, these leggings fit as well as they did the first time. They are durable AF, have a compression fit which keeps them snug to my body, and Speedwick technology which keeps me dry. Plus, with a price substantially under 100 bucks, its hard to do much better.

2. Dance Mesh Leggings, $50.00

Stop right there… you mean to tell me I can get a pair of trusty black leggings with subtle mesh detailing that'll help me stay cool and focused… for 50 dollars?? Yep, that’s right! These leggings are black (but not boring), sweat-wicking, and the stylish mesh panellings makes them super breathable (even on a 5-mile run in 80 degrees… tried it!). My favorite part of these, besides their breathability and super flattering waistband, is their antimicrobial gusset which protects from odor. Seriously, I can sweat and sweat and they never smell THAT bad (lol).

3. Elite Paint Splatter Leggings, $65.00

The thick waistband on these artist-inspired leggings stays put, and comfortably, during even the longest and hardest WOD. The pattern is fun and the material is a bit slinky (due to the 85% Polyester / 15% Elastane mix), so I feel like I literally slide into them. Plus, you can never go wrong with some leg-length mesh panelling and speedwick technology.