Interview with Regional CrossFit Athlete Deanna Gibaldi

We sat down and talked with ICE NYC Coach Deanna Gibaldi who recently competed in The CrossFit Games East Regionals 2017 as part of the CrossFit Queens Team, which finished 4rth and is now on its way to the CrossFit Games. Check out what she had to say below. (Have CrossFit experience and want to drop in to take a CrossFit class coached by Deanna? Drop-in at our UES location on Monday/Wednesday at 5:30am or 7:30am, Thursday at 5:00pm or 7:00pm, or Friday at 6:00pm by clicking HERE.

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First off, how the heck are you feeling now that Regionals is over and you're on your way to The Frickin’ CrossFit Games!?

It feels so surreal. We really didn't expect to make it. We were just there for the experience. It's been about 2 weeks now and slowly finally sinking in and I feel ready. Plus, my body is only now starting to feel back to normal after Regionals.

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How did your team come together? How did you all meet? What is the process of choosing to go team, and then finding a team to go with like?

We have all trained together and are all connected in some way. For example, Morgan, Ben (my fiancé), Brian and I have been training and following the same programming together for 1.5-2 years. Then there is Dave who Coaches at CrossFit Queens and CrossFit Greenpoint. But Nicole is was kind of our wild card. No one really knew her but she trains at CrossFit Queens where we were training. One day we needed an extra for a team workout, and wow, aren't we glad we asked her.

We all have had the same goal of making it to regionals for many years now. Right before the holidays in December Dave (Charbonneau) kinda brought up the idea of all of us representing CFQ.

We all live and train local, and figured with the guidance of Dave (Charbonneau), Amy Dracup, and Ingrid Kantola, we couldn't go wrong. And look where we are.

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And, if it’s okay that I ask, what is it like being on a team with your fiance?

I love being on a team with Ben. We definitely know how to push each other's buttons, but I have been training with him the longest. He knows me and he's also always there to pick me before event 6 at the CrossFit Games East Regionals when I had a mini panic attack. He can give me hugs and calm me down.

As a partner and teammate communication is huge and it becomes easier the longer you have been training with someone. With time, you can learn your teammates body language and looks and that's a huge help when you’re 30 minutes into a workout and don't want to talk.

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Did you and your team do any exercises to help you mentally prepare for Regionals?

We ran through every event the weekend before. We had been training with the worm for months now so that wasn't very new to us.

The night before each day at Regionals we had a team meeting where we worked on our mental game. We would walk through our strategy, our breakdowns, reps and just get our heads right.

During our team meeting after day 2 of Regionals, we talked about the importance of being  mentally tough. We knew that the games were within our reach. And we knew what we had to do to get there.

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Now that you're off to the Games, how will your training change? Will it change?

Training volume will go up! 2 a days every weekend, swimming 2-3 times a week and just A LOT of running and cardio.

At the Games, the team events are weird long workouts. Carry your buddy a mile, hike this mountain, pull this, throw this, etc. We're currently working on EVERYTHING so we can be prepared for anything.

I mean honestly that's where our team excels, the stranger the task and further away from the barbell and "traditional" interpretation of CrossFit, our group of brutes tends to attack.