Coach Spotlight: Robert Ramsey

Meet Robert Ramsey

How did you discover your interest in fitness?

I discovered my interest in fitness through martial arts. I enjoyed learning a new kick or a new strike. Also, before every class we did 20 minutes of conditioning which is how I got addicted to pushing myself. Really I only pushed hard so I wasn't the weakest kid in class.

What quality is most important to you in other people? 

The quality that is most important to me in other people in a class setting would have to be the attitude of "I will try my absolute best no matter what". As long as they are trying their best I will be somewhere motivating them and reminding them how amazing they truly are. 

What quality do you cherish most about yourself?

The quality I cherish the most about myself is my heart. Izzy always tells me that I am "all heart". What I would like to think that means is that I care about my mindset before I teach. I care about the first song I play. I care about the woman who hates burpees. I care about the guy who has never used a rower before. I care that everyone has to elevate themselves mentally in each one of my classes. I never just teach classes, I give 110% every time it's my turn to coach. 

Do you have a favorite exercise or fitness move? 

My favorite exercise is probably a Kettle Bell clean or Swings. I love the breathing aspect of power/explosive based movements. Reminds me of martial arts. 

What can people expect from your class?

When taking my class what you can most definitely expect every time is for the music to be amazing for the entire hour. You can expect my energy to be super high energy and very motivating. In my classes you can expect to reach a personal breakthrough in each class.

How many classes do you coach per week?

I typically coach 16-18 classes a week. 


Monday at 7am(HAIL) and 9am(HAIL)

Friday at 7am(HAIL) and 9am(ROW)


Tuesday at 6pm(HAIL), 7:15pm (CYCLE) 8pm(HAIL)

Wednesday at 6:30am(HAIL), 7:45am (CYCLE), and 9:00am (HAIL)

Thursday at 6pm(HAIL), 7:15pm (CYCLE) 8pm(HAIL)

Friday at 6pm(HAIL) and 7pm(CYCLE)

Saturday at 10am(HAIL)


Author Bio: Robert Ramsey has been a elite trainer and high performance coach for nearly a fifteen years. He has worked and taught at facilities such as New York Sports Clubs, David Barton Gym,  Crunch and the UFC NYC Gym, TS Fitness, and ICE NYC. Robert is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and still actively trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & mixed martial arts. Mr. Ramsey has been featured in New York Magazine and the blog "Fit Chick in the City" as one of the best class instructors in NYC. He brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to the fitness profession.
IG: @robertramseyrevolution