Coach Spotlight: Margie Welch

Meet Margie Welch!

Have you always been involved in fitness?

I have not always had a fitness-focused career, but fitness has always been a passion and I have always been active. I was a swimmer growing up and did a lot of intensive dancing. I also discovered yoga after my Dad passed away, which helped open my eyes to the power of fitness instructing and the fitness world.

What is your favorite move and what is your favorite exercise?

My favorite movement to do is twisting mountain climbers and my favorite form of exercise (besides HAIL!) is power yoga in a hot room- I LOVE hot yoga! I also used to be a kickboxing instructor, so I like to incorporate kickboxing into my workouts.

What can people expect from your class?

In my class you can expect a good form-focused workout that balances strength and endurance. You can also expect at least 1 core-based circuit. I like to work in time-intervals so that everyone can work at a pace they're comfortable with. You can also expect to hear at least one 90's song that makes you go "Oh man I LOVE this song!!"

What is your go-to pump-up song?

Black Betty by Ram Jam... I'm the classic rock & 90's coach :)

If you have a completely free day, where do you go?

I go to the beach. No questions asked. Any season, any time.

How many classes do you coach for week?

I typically coach 3 classes a week, but I can be founding spotlighting at both studios.


Tuesday at 5:30pm(HAIL) and 7:30 pm(HAIL)

Friday at 6:00pm(HAIL)

Author Bio: Margie's fitness journey began in a small yoga studio in South Jersey where she fell in love with the physicality of yoga.  While trying to find balance (not enough cardio), the love of yoga grew into a love for endurance and High Intensity Interval Training.  She began teaching yoga and  Fitness Kickboxing/Circuit training at South Jersey Martial Arts and Cherry Hill iLoveKickboxing, which brought her to New York City in September 2015.  Margie left the teaching scene and began as ICE NYC's manager in March 2016 and quickly fell in love with the HIIT style at ICE.  Her high energy atmosphere and yoga focused stretching bring a unique style to ICE NYC's HAIL class.
IG: @midge0617