Coach Spotlight: Logan Ricket

Meet Logan Ricket!

Logan is a HAIL and Cycle Coach at ICE NYC.

How did you find ICE NYC?

See that picture above? Yeah, that's my "G"! G for Gigi! She got me fit and taught me everything I know about coaching. I love her forever. (Oh, and she's my roommate). 

What is your morning routine?

I wake up at 4am. Wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, plan my class (if I haven't done it the night before). I check and usually double check my bag and pockets to be sure that I have everything. Then I'm out the door, to the bodega for coffee and then on the L train to Union Square before transferring to the 6 line and ride down to TriBeCa for my am shift Monday-Friday. 

What’s your favorite fitness move?

BURPEE because it's the closest thing to flying. That moment when I am headed, chest first, toward the ground is exhilarating. I also LOVE movements that are full-body and jack my heart rate up. Something about the self-motivation required for a movement like that really gets me going.

What other types of high intensity exercise do you enjoy?

CROSSFIT. Only recently have I started the CrossFit program, but Coach Liz is my hero. I feel so much stronger now than ever before.

What can people expect from your class?

You can expect to leave exhausted and sweaty but also proud and motivated. I really aim to make the environment fun. Nothing pleases me more than to see someone smiling while they bust their ass to make that change.

What’s your go-to pump up song?

Anything Beyonce or Gaga. Rihanna too! Check out my Spotify playlist below! 

Is being a fitness instructor your only gig or do you live a secret life outside of the gym?

I am all about the secret life. I am an actor/director and am the founder of a movement company called The Kinesics. You can follow our instagram HERE!

If you have a completely free day, where do you go?

The theatre or a museum or the movies or just stay in bed... (after working out, of course).

Where and when do you teach?

Author Bio: Logan is a newcomer to the fitness world. He spent most of his childhood and early adult years overweight and unhealthy. After being accepted to one of the top Meisner acting conservatories in the country, he decided to make a life change and get fit.  That's where ICE NYC comes in. He began as a student, taking Gigi's class as often as possible and got himself into shape. After a while he became a coach and now works the front desk, too. The fitness world is a perfect pairing to his artistic world. He stays fit and also has the afternoon and evening free for auditions, rehearsal and working with his newly founded movement company, The Kinesics, whose inaugural work will be released later this year. Logan is so happy to have found a family at ICE NYC that is supportive, encouraging and understanding. He couldn't ask for a better way to start every day.
IG: @loganricket