9 Fitness Coaches Share The ONE Motivation Quote That Gets Them Ready To SWEAT

It can be a struggle to bring your A game to a workout, no matter how important your fitness goals are to you. Whether your goal is to place in the top 3 for a WOD before the end of the year, join the deadlift 300 club or the bench press 200 club, or improve your clean and jerk form, staying consistent and showing up are key.

When you’re struggling to remember why it’s worth all that effort and sweat, the quotes your favorite ICE NYC coaches use to stay motivated will give you the push you need:

1. Be Positive

“I say this in my classes all the time, just as much as I say it to myself when I work out. It sounds a little corny, but it works. It removes the negative thoughts that tell me to slow down or that I can't do something, and replaces those voices with the reality that I can. It reminds me that I have a choice to quit, but I know the choice I want to make. This came out of my mouth one day when I was teaching a few years ago, not sure where it came from but it has stuck ever since!”.-Gigi Rippolone, HAIL, Cycle & Row Coach

2. Be Proud!

“... My motivational quote is by the famous Nicki Minaj... but it is not something I can type to be published….It’s from a song, and there are curses... 

It just clicked with me one day when I heard it. I always say it to myself before a big lift, or when I’m the smallest girl at a competition, or just when I have to prove myself and others wrong. It just works for me. If you ask me I’ll tell you ;)”.-Deanna Gibaldi, CrossFit Coach and Regional CrossFit Athlete

3. Don’t Stop!

“I always tell myself that everything is all about me. My life, my body and my fitness. No One  will finish any workout for me. Either love it or hate it, just keep moving!”.-Nihan Nelkin, CrossFit Coach

4. Trust Your Training

“Jack said it to me before I competed at regionals last year, and it just stuck”.-Liz Adams, ICE NYC Head CrossFit Coach and Regional CrossFit Athlete

5. Just Do It

“You can make excuses or you can make gains. Your choice. While you're making excuses, other people are at the gym getting better. Don't be lazy. Get up, get going and do it. You're the only thing in your way”.-Nicolas Dromard, CrossFit Coach

6. Remember Your WHY

“My motivational quotes tend to come from punk rock lyrics.  They are always straightforward and honest.  The three that stick out in my head the most are: 1. A song from Authority Zero "Find out what makes you different, Hold true and don't turn away", 2. The Pearl Jam lyrics "I'll ride the wave where it takes me, and 3. Something I said to myself once “For those who can not, I will”.- CJ Maldonado, CrossFit Coach

7. Push Yourself

“I don't have a quote the revs me to go to the gym, but I always find myself saying "get up!" during a workout. I think it's just Liz and Gigi in the back of my mind”.-Logan Ricket, HAIL, Row & Cycle Coach

8. Attitude Is Everything

" I'm not sure who said this to me...and to be honest, I'm probably paraphrasing- but the way it stuck in my head was: " This next hour (insert appropriate workout time) is a dedicated time for you, to you and by you. Enjoy it”. I think enjoyment can look like a lot of things, but it mentally puts me in the place of remembering that I chose this- and it can look/feel however and whatever I want.

That being said, my follow-up is usually 'Bring it, Kelsey'”.-Kelsey Crismon, HAIL & Cycle Coach

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Struggle

"I remember hearing this quote, "Without struggle, there is no progress" - Frederick Douglas,  in grade school but it didn't strike a chord until I got serious about athletics in high school track. While it was meant for much weightier subject-matter than a hard workout, it is a universally applicable quote that it hasn't ever left me”.-Yusuf Jeffers, HAIL & Cycle Coach