7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sports Bra For Your Workout

ICE NYC has partnered with Reebok to offer members a 30% discount on Reebok.com with a discount card which will be distributed to members in April. Thank you, Reebok!  In honor of our partnership with our favorite fitness brand we reviewed our favorite Reebok sports bras.

Hunting for the perfect sports bra is like hunting for your swolemate. You know it’s out there but you can’t find it. You know you’ll probably go through some serious slackers, deadbeats, and up-tight losers before The One finds you. Some will feel comfortable, but won’t be there for you during the tough (workout) times, and others just won’t fit no matter how much you express your love for them Say Anything style.

Lucky for you, ICE NYC is here with 7 tips to help you find a sports bra that fits the way you crave, moves with you, and get’s down exactly as your pump-buddy should.

1. There are bras for high-impact activities like CrossFit, running, and rugby, and there are bras for lower-impact activities such as yoga, pilates, and barre. Wearing a low-impact bra during a high-impact activity is a recipe for chest pain and bounce… and if we’re bouncing too much, too often our breast tissue stretches out and welp, the rest is a sad sad sag story. Don’t know which bra to buy and wear for which exercise? Lucky for us, Reebok categorizes their sports bras into low, medium, and high support/impact.

We do a lot of varying movements in CrossFit: from box jumps and double-unders, to barbell moves and muscle-ups, and while not every WOD requires a heavy duty bra, many do. If you don’t check Wodify to learn tomorrow’s WOD before packing your gym-bag the night before, air on the side of caution and throw in the high-impact bra to make sure your girls don’t bounce.

Check out the Hero Power Sports Bra 2.0  to tackle whatever the WOD has on tap: from kettlebells and medicine balls, to running and burpees, this bra will keep you supported and dry with an all mesh back. Not only will you stay in place, but you’ll look stylin’ doing it.

2. Don’t compromise! Never, ever purchase a sports bra that gives you “double boob”, “side boob” or “under boob”; any extra lump of skin and breast tissue hanging out from the sports bra is not a sports bra that fits.

If you are a big-chested woman who often experiences this problem, check out: The Reebok Hero Power Sports Bra, this bra fuses breathability and maximum comfort by using Speedwich technology which wicks sweat away from the body to help you stay cool and dry.

3. You should have at least 4 sports bras: 1 to wash, 1 to wear, 1 for tomorrow, and 1 for the weeks when your sweat sessions feel on fire (or the laundry doesn’t want to get done). If you like to re-wear sports bras which, while it is a recipe for chest-acne and stink, is actually okay, make sure to find a sports bra with Speedwick technology and mesh detailing. The Speedwick technology wicks sweat away from the body to help you stay cool and dry, plus any mesh detailing will increase breathability.

If you are a woman with a cup size larger than a C, check out the Reebok Hero Strong Bra which is strappy, stylish, and so cute you might want to wear it out. If you are a woman with an A or B cup size, check out the Reebok CrossFit Front Rack bra which is features the iconic Reebok logo across the back, stylish skinny straps, and an antimicrobial finish which wicks sweat and eliminate odors.

4. Replace them! For as much as we cling to to a good one once we find it, after 9-12 months it’s time to let them go. Bras for larger breasts will wear out faster. Some signs that it’s time to add your bra to the trash pile are: your breasts are sagging or bouncing within the bra, the bra is starting to physically look beat up, the bra is riding up your back, or you can fit more than four fingers between the band and your skin. (Hint: to make your sports bras last longer, don’t put them in the drier. The heat of the drier will slowly deteriorate the elastic.)

For a truly adjustable high-impact sports bra, check out the CrossFit High Impact Sports Bra which withstands sets of double unders, box jumps and burpees, while also featuring mesh ventilation and Speedwick fabric releases sweat for comfortable skin. The fully adjustable straps create a customized fit and will help this bra last longer than your typical non-adjustable bra.

5. Chest-acne could be a sign of a bad bra! If your skin is breaking out along your breasts, chest, and back, your sports bra could be to blame… you might be allergic to the hooks, fabric, or straps of your booby-trap. While it likely that the breakouts are caused from sweat, it is worth testing out different fabrics to see if how your skin reacts.

If you think your sports bra is to blame for the post-sweat sesh bumps on your skin, try out Reebok Hero Racer Padded Sports Bra which provides full coverage, moisture-wicking protection from Speedwick tech and mesh backing, and no clasps, extra-straps, or allergy-inducing fabric. Plus, the oversized iconic logo bleeds athletic creed.

6. Chafing IS avoidable! If your breasts are chafing from rubbing against each other as you sweat, try putting a dab of Vaseline, a puff of baby powder, or scentless deodorant between your breasts pre-workout.

If that doesn’t work, try out a sports bra with soft-molded cups for breast separation, such as the Reebok Spartan Pro Sports Bra.  This wire-free, molded-cup bra, will keep you locked-in and supported without forcing you to spend 15 minutes in the locker room trying to yank it on… you know what we mean. Plus, the subtle padding will give you a natural lift that will keep you perky, rash-free, and comfortable even after you start to sweat.

7. Most importantly, don’t get discouraged if your hunt for the perfect sports bra takes time. According to a recent study by the University of Portsmouth, one in five women are completely put off from being active because they don't have the right bra. The study concluded that these women reported suffering, pain or embarrassment (caused by their breasts) when exercising. Perhaps even more surprising, these women reports that the discomfort was a bigger deterrent than the cost of exercise, lack of access to facilities or not having anyone to exercise with.

Now you can find your perfect sports bra right at home using the Reebok At Home Sizing Guide, at Reebok.com, plus while you’re shopping you might even find some new gear from their CrossFit line that is too good to say no to…

Author Bio: Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based writer who has a deep affinity for weight-lifting, living mindfully, and the em-dash. She has been published at Women’s Health Magazine where she worked on the online editorial team, Feather Magazine where she was a contributing health writer, and ICE NYC where she works as the social media editor. In her free time she can be found reading self-help books, making soup, and practicing hygge.
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