Incremental Gains Stop Looking for Get Fit Quick Programs

This post was written by Ian Berger and original published on Wod Survival

Jan 1, beach season and all the major social catalyst that the fitness community have accepted as "the start". The epic 6 week program, or magic supplement that is going to transform your abs to look like Gerard Butler in 300.  We are all guilty to buying in to one of these get fit quick schemes. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but that doesn't happen over night. There is no short term fix in anything, not just fitness. 

I have been competing and training for over 10 years now. It drives me insane that people think that the fruits of my labor is easily accessible through anything but hard work. Just because you hashtag it and are motivated doesn't mean its going to work. I apologize if this comes across like tough love, but its a topic near and dear to my heart. In an age of social media there is a lot of fluff and all you see is peoples best. My approach is that i am going to continually do the things I can control and try to see results in the long run.

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Fitness, health and wellness are about longevity and moving the needle just a touch further each day towards your goals or aspirations. I call this the 1 % method, its a strategy of trying to pursue just small advancements daily, weekly, even monthly. 

This 1% compounds and begining to add up quick! I am no financial expert, nor mathematician but this is simple. To move your baseline of anything you need to have a program that is sustainable and accessible. What do I mean by sustainable and accessible? 

Sustainable,  is the fact that its is something you can do every day and its not asking for a seismic shift in your life. Its a commitment to starting! I am not asking you to drink a crazy concoction nor perform a training program that leaves you crippled after one session. It is a lifestyle catered to your current fitness, and is a realistic plan to get you were you want to be !

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Accessible, no baseline, nor experience or radical expense is needed to begin or participate. Too many programs, you need to make a crazy purchase or start a program that will prepare you for the actual program. Accessibility is key to me, because it means the barrier to start or get it done is realistic.

In fitness, training and diet be wary of anything that seems to good to be true. It sounds cliche but I have tried almost all of these schemes and the only thing that prevails is handwork and consistency. Abs and Pr's are don't happen over night!